What Are We Doing Here? 

The goal of Genesis Headways is to help students and their families navigate the college admissions process.  It is a process that feels daunting and cumbersome…not to mention time-consuming.  Who wants to spend weekends writing essays and sorting through college websites?  Let me help take the anxiety, uncertainty and painful tedium out of the college entrance process.  Let’s remove that sweaty-palm dread and increase the quantity and quality of applications essays that reach the admissions office!

Your Coach – Brianna Robb

I loved college: the application process, the academics, the varied opportunities…  I lived every inch of my college career finishing with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communication from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.  I scooped up every experience I could – internships, extra-curriculars, projects with professors, jobs, classes, sports, etc- and used it as a GENESIS to launch my career.  Every experience I had in college elevated my career.  As a professional, I am very frequently the youngest of my peers in the workplace.  A solid GENESIS in college will set your student apart in the job market.

Since college, through my professional and volunteering experience, I have amassed a breadth of knowledge and skills about how to navigate academic application processes:

  • Volunteer Mentor: Chicago Scholars mentor, a non-profit that partners college graduates with first-generation prospective college students starting the summer before their Senior year to walk through the college application experience together.  Chicago Scholars trains mentors on how to coach students through the process. All six of my students got full-ride scholarships.
  • Coordinator for Medical Residencies (programs for physicians-in-training): reviewed thousands of applications for admission.  I understand how to stand out in a stack of applications and what effective to share.
  • Experienced Interviewer: Taken college class in the interview tactics; personally, have a strong track record of interviewing; have interviewed hundreds of people in academic and professional settings.

Let’s talk strategy. 

I will you build your student a concrete road map for the college application process.  We will meet deadlines, maximize our time, and write essays that are clear and strong so we maximize the probability of acceptance.  Let me make the HEADWAY for you.

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