Whether your student is just starting to think about life after high school or is a couple of applications deep, a coaching session will be tailored to meet your student’s goals.  Every student is going to have unique strengths and interests.  Coaching will make your student’s (and your family’s) process faster, easier and result in a stronger application.

Below is a list of common phases and services.  To discuss the specific needs of your student and family, use the Contact tab above or email genesisheadways@gmail.com.  Because each student and family is different, pricing is going to vary.  All emails will be answered within 24 hours.

College and Major Selection

  • Coach and Student (and family) will work on identifying colleges and majors/areas of study where Student will submit an application.
  • There are many things to consider in selecting a college: distance from home, size, culture, strength of area of study program, competitiveness for acceptance, extra-circulars, work study/scholarships opportunities, etc
  • When picking a major, it is important to take a 50,000-foot view and look at prospective job markets, availability entry level positions, return on investment, graduate degrees, etc.

College Applications & Essays

  • Coach and Student will complete college applications and essays to give the college admissions offices a clear and favorable picture of your student.  This is where the heavy lifting happens!
  • College applications are a tedious and work-intensive.  Coach and Student will enter demographic and other required information into online application forms.
  • Essay writing can be very frustrating.  Trying to guess what the admissions office wants to hear, making sure essays are well-written and without proofreading errors is a tall order.  Coach will help clear the murky water, expedite the process and ensure your student’s voice/writing comes through strongly (without writing his/her essay for them).

Acceptance and the First Year

  • Coach will make sure Student (and family) is prepared to start college from securing housing, making a packing list, and understanding how to succeed in college.
  • Coach and Student will make a packing list for college specific to them and their living arrangement. There is a benefit to your student thinking through a packing list and being in charge of completing it.
  • The academic and social landscapes are very different in college than most students have ever experiences.  Coach will discuss “life management” strategies with Student to maximize Student’s success (and safety!) in college – academically, socially, managing his/her health, etc.
  • This is a great option for first-generation college students.

Medical and Graduate School Admissions

  • Coach and Student will work through completing applications, writing essays and interview strategies.
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